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Commissioned for the Exhibition Gambiólogos 2.0, Museu dos Brinquedos, located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The sculpture creates a drawing on the wall by expelling a fluid composed of soap and pigment. A video camera feeds live video of the drawing process into the video projector, which translates the video feed and projects it onto an adjacent wall.

The piece was inspired by my invitation to participate in the upcoming Gambiólogos 2.0 in Brazil (June-July of 2014). I consider the piece is an exchange with a part of the world that is foreign to me. Translator is a metaphor for cultural exchange, interpretation/misinterpretation and the exchange of perspective.

Kinetic sculpture, mark porter, chicago artist, interactive sculpture, found object, kinetic sculptor
Steel, aluminum, air pump, glass, video projector
58" h x 68" l x 48" w